SUSTAINABILITY: How Pro-Stretch react to Eco Sourcing

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Pro-Stretch take a planet-friendly approach to providing durable and functional trims. We care about the impact on the environment and in turn are taking action to reduce factory emissions. Pro-Stretch strive to plant Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at the first stage of a garment’s life to reduce its impact throughout production! Taking a planet-friendly

Elastic Trims

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  As a trusted supplier to the top global sportswear brands, here at Pro-Stretch we produce many beautiful trims, but some of our favourites are the Elastics we create. With lots of options available, we can create many different designs, colours, and widths. These can be created for functionable garments, as well as for novelty/aesthetic

SPOTLIGHT ON – Michelle Kelly

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  Welcome to our 'Spotlight On' blog space. You can learn more about the people behind Pro-Stretch , and even learn some interesting facts about them too….all in their own words, see HERE for more 'Spotlight On' posts from Pro-Stretch staff. This week we ‘Spotlight on’ Michelle Kelly our Accounts Manager Assistant Hi there, I


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