We all know the world is now a very different place since the Covid-19 outbreak, and we have been advised that wearing a face mask is the recommended way we can all still protect ourselves, our family and loved ones from breathing in harmful bacteria.

Also, for anyone with undetected symptoms of Coronavirus, wearing a mask will help stop the spread of this terrible virus.


So should I still wear a face mask?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’, and one that many countries including the UK are advising the public to follow their governments and scientific advice.

Especially with more transmissible variants on the increase.

Face masks considerably lower the transitional spread of Coronavirus fact! Whether you are protecting yourself from the virus, or stopping the transition of bacteria to everybody else around you. Did you Know -they help to reduce the risk of transmission by an estimated 75%, that’s a huge reduction, and a small price to pay for you and your families health.

The government for England says:

  • People should still aim to wear face coverings on public transport and in some shops
  • Also in other “enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and they come into contact with others that they do not normally meet”
  • “Social distancing” means staying more than two metres away from someone
  • Face coverings should be worn and not surgical masks or respirators which should be left for healthcare staff and other workers who need them



Here at Pro-Mask we have designed all our face masks for comfort and extra protection, used alongside social distancing and washing hands as instructed by government advisers.

Our sister company Pro-Stretch Trims International Ltd have engineered a superior face mask using their valuable experience in the manufacturing of sportswear trims, labels and apparel. Using high quality materials and sourcing the best anti-microbial yarns for effective protection.

Our Pro-Mask reusable fabric face mask is a comfortable, breathable, antimicrobial, anti-odour, water resistant and fully washable fabric face mask to keep you safe in your daily life.

We recommend washing your reusable mask at 60 degrees, either by hand or in a washing machine, (to kill the virus at 56°C) using a mild detergent, on a gentle cycle. Allowing to Air dry



Pro-Mask reusable is helping save the planet. With the ability to reuse over and over again, meaning less land-fill, the Pro-Mask reusable face mask is the perfect choice for the planet.


Great Value

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Pro-Mask Kids

Our children are very important to us, and that’s why here at Pro-Mask we have designed a mask especially for smaller faces.

We even have kids sized replacement filters too, see HERE for more information

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