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‘Spotlight on’ Christine Morgan, our founder and CEO.

Hi there, I am Christine, and I am the founder of Pro-Stretch Trims International Ltd.

I established Pro-Stretch Trims in 2003, after graduating with a degree in Business Management. I wanted to make a difference in my next venture, and I saw a gap in the market for an alternative trim supplier, so that I could work with major household sports and lifestyle brands.

I am very keen that Pro-Stretch offer innovative designed, high quality trims using our unique patented process (Pro-Stretch hold the patent for producing a mechanical stretch trim, which is unique in its design) but at the same time always offering the absolute best customer service for our brands. Something that I still make paramount within the company, and which I believe makes us stand out from our competitors.

I am proud to say that myself and teams have built great working relationships with the top 5 globally recognised sports and leisure brands. Alongside these, we are always open to working with smaller brands too, especially UK based companies, and that market is something we are actively looking to grow. We supply demand from high end design names to economical fashion, Pro-Stretch has trims and tapes to suit all needs.

Having weaving and office facilities in South China has enabled us to supply and work with the far east branches of our brands. We have recently expanded into Vietnam, and we are looking to produce and offer our full range of trims there very soon.

Being globally based I have been lucky enough to travel the world (and along the way learnt which airline and route I prefer to use) and meet and work with many different inspirational people – I have also made excellent, close friends, in many different countries during this time, learning to love and appreciate the culture of different continents.


‘From high end design names to economical fashion, Pro-Stretch trims has the tape to suit all needs’


A little bit more about me…

My Cheshire home life is hectic, I have 4 grownup daughters, 7 grandchildren, and my black Labrador -Barney, so my life is very busy and full.

One of my biggest passions, and to aid relaxation is to cook and bake, especially for my family and friends. I cook many varied recipes – but I’m best known for Grandma’s famous Flapjack!!

Pro-Stretch Barney


Interesting fun fact:

I am an open water diving instructor having learnt to dive in 2005. I had always had a great fear of putting my head under the water – so I joined the BSAC (British Sub- Aqua Club) and learnt to dive in very cold British waters.

Overcoming the extreme water temperatures, I learnt to love diving, and I have had the privilege and experience to dive in many places around the world and have seen some truly wonderful sea life and corals.

My most memorable experience was at the end of my 100th dive when I heard and saw Dolphin’s. They were coming up a shot line on the SS Thistlegorm, a WW2 ship wreck in Egypt’s Red Sea!

Although, despite all my experience and confidence as a diving instructor,  I still don’t like to put my head under the water without wearing the full diving gear!

Pro-Stretch Christine Morgan diving

So what does the future hold for Pro-Stretch?

Christine says “Pro-Stretch have exciting plans ahead: Expanding further into Vietnam, and working with more brands means we are busier than ever.

We will continue to work hard to ensure our sustainable manufacturing process expands further with more material options, as many more top brands are adopting sustainability within their own models. The future looks bright and busy with Pro-Stretch!”

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