What does Valentines day mean to you? whether you celebrate with a partner or special family member, Valentines Day is certainly the most romantic day of the year, and is a celebration for all our loved ones.

So what is the history of St Valentines day?

Did you know the first Valentines day was celebrated in the year 496? Originating from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia in mid February, which was officially the start of the Roman Springtime.

A time for new beginnings and fresh relationships for the coming year, it included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery -thank goodness times have moved on since then.

As far as we know, the ancient Romans may be responsible for the name of our modern day of love. Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb 14th in different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was then honoured by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.

Today Valentines Day is big business across the globe, it is calculated that people in the UK alone will spend almost half a billion pounds, in fact they will spend $20.7 Billion worldwide on Valentine’s Day gifts this year!

Men will spend approximately £40 each, which is nearly twice as much as women will spend!

What will you be buying your loved ones this year? flowers, chocolates, or jewellery are some of the more traditional presents purchased by men and women.


Pro-Stretch Valentines ‘Heart’ trims


Here at Pro-Stretch Trims International we love this time of year, and wanted to share some of our Valentines ‘Red’ inspired trims with you.

Pro-Stretch produce many different trims, but our drawcords are very popular. They can be produced in an endless array of colours and options, including lots of tip options too, including metal, plastic or rubber, the choice is endless.

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Red drawcord with Red tips

Rigid Tubular Drawcord

Rigid Tubular Drawcord


We all think of Red to be the official colour of Valentines day, and it has long been understood to represent passion, sexuality, life, love, war and death. Most of the colour Red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.

Many fashion houses and interior companies use Red to depict a certain look or trend, looking to Pantone’s colour palette for Spring/Summer 2020, we see a lovely shade of Red called ‘Flame Scarlet’ coming through for this season. Pantone describe this colour as exuding confidence and determination, this modern take on one of the oldest primary colours, has a fresh modern hue, which blends perfectly with other seasonal core shades.



Another Red just released for Pantone’s Colour Trend forecast for ‘London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020/2021’ is Mandarin Red, see the article HERE for more information.

Pantone describe this colour as a dynamic force, an orange infused Red tone. Perfect alongside the bold colour palette for this season.


Many of our brand development teams take influence for their seasonal ranges with the colours that Pantone recommend, so it is important that Pro-Stretch can offer complementing trims, labels, elastics, drawcords and embellishments. Along with our Asia factories we work together to produce a range of innovative trims and labels to present to our customers, it is important that we plan well ahead for each season, and refer to Pantone’s colour of the year, and seasonal recommendations.




Pink/Red Elastic trims


Red is known to add warmth and vibrancy to any garment or outfit, and many of our brands use a hue of this positive colour in their seasonal palettes. An all season colour, which every few years seems to come to the forefront of fashion and interiors.

Other colours associated with Valentines day include White, and Pink. White is generally understood to symbolise purity, an inherently positive colour, it is also associated with virginity, innocence, light, goodness, and heaven.

Pink is the lovely colour result of combining both Red and White, and can be found in many different shades, ranging from baby Pink- a soft light Pink, to Cerise -a bright hot Pink! These hues can often be seen complementing each other on garments and in interior looks.


Red tape

Red can often be seen paired with other contrasting and complementing colours, especially a primary colour, such as Blue. Other colours that are often paired with Red are Black, White, Yellow, and Green.

Have you heard the saying ‘Red and Green is seldom seen’? It is possible that this saying  may refer to the lights on ships, which have traditionally been red on one side and green on the other. If another ship saw green or red lights ahead in the dark, it would mean they were on a collision course. A saying that has nowadays transferred over to the fashion industry, and everyday life.

Many of our customers request developments that incorporate white as a border on a trim, which acts like an outline for the central colours, almost framing the tape, examples of these trims can be seen below.

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Mechanical Stretch

Mechanical Stretch


Rigid Knit

Rigid Knit trim -Red and Black is a classic combination, and can be used in various patterns


A plain White trim can be used as a waistband, cuff or as a general trim to help define a garment. These can be plain, embossed, debosssed, jacquard woven, or printed etc etc.

Available as an elastic, mechanical stretch, rigid, knitted, webbing, or drawcord, depending on the requirements of the brand and/or garment developer.


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Rigid Cotton

Plain White Rigid Cotton

Here at Pro-Stretch we understand the importance of the use of colour – which alone can elevate a company to succession. Think how restaurants and food manufacturers use Red logos, examples include Coca Cola, Heinz, McDonalds and KFC, in fact the colour Red is proven to enhance appetite, attracting attention and inducing strong emotions. It also causes an increased heart rate, as well as a sense of urgency within its audience.

We love to keep ahead of the game and we are constantly researching current and future fashion trends for our developments. We produce and supply some of the worlds major sportswear manufacturers with trims for their sports and leisurewear.

Not only do we develop for our brands for their specific requirements, but we also create generic catalogue samples for inspiration, these can then be developed further for garment use, if required by the developers. These are often colourful, innovative designs that wouldn’t fit the guidelines for brands, but would suit a more generic project.


We wish you a very Happy Valentines Day, and however you are spending the day, we hope you LOVE it!!



We are constantly innovating and creating products within our trim developments, to find out more and keep up to date with everything Pro-Stretch, follow all our Social channels, links below



Content by Louise Knight (Marketing Account Assistant at Pro-Stretch UK)



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