Looking for a wholesale or retail manufacturer?

Pro-Stretch Trims International manufacture and supply garment trims, tapes, labels, draw cords and tippings, elastics, and face coverings.

We can supply for wholesale or retail, contact us for more information +44(0)1260 291691 or email sales@pro-stretch.net

Our patented mechanical stretch, using heat and pressure enables rigid tapes/labels to be converted into mechanical stretch products WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS OR LYCRA

Pro-Stretch mechanical stretch products are 100% polyester and polyester/cotton mixes, and our stretch technology can be used on back neck tapes, outer taping, waistbands, bindings, hem tapes, patches/badges, and many more alternatives.

We can offer many technical garment solutions, but the main focus is our Pro-Stretch process, which removes all shrinkage in a product whilst giving the item between 5% – 12% stretch. This will eliminate any puckering once applied to the garment from point of sale to after washing. The stretch product will move with the garment, offering an enhanced product, especially beneficial for the sports and leisurewear market.

As this is patented technology, you wont find this available from any other trims supplier.

We have offices based in UK, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and USA., but our UK office is responsible for all development, and we have knowledgeable and dedicated account managers to deal with each of our brands, see more about our UK team HERE to discuss your needs.

Pro-Stretch Trims

We currently work with major sports/leisure wear brands, supplying various garment trims and embellishments.

We offer great reductions for bulk supply, are a trusted supplier to the 5 top global sports and leisurewear companies, and offer manufacture in China and Vietnam.

We love to talk trims, so contact us on +44(0)1260 291691 or email sales@pro-stretch.net for more information


Pro-Mask Face Coverings

Do you need own branded face coverings for your business?

We can supply your company with own coloured/branded face coverings, offering great reductions for bulk orders.

Our excellent quality Pro-Mask face coverings are a 3 layer reusable stretchy fabric mask, designed for comfort and reliability, it is washable, breathable, antimicrobial, anti-odour and water resistant with an adjustable nose clip.

Help keep your employees safe with Pro-Mask, we have you covered.


Call us on +44(0)1260 291691 or email sales@pro-stretch.net for prices on bulk supply