Introducing Pro-Snap, an innovative, versatile, durable and fully waterproof fastening solution, by Pro-Stretch Trims International

Pro-Snap has been extensively researched and carefully engineered to provide a strong and secure snap fastener alternative to hook and loop type fastenings.

Manufactured from a waterproof and durable plastic, that produces no deterioration or loss of function. We are certain that Pro-Snap would be a valuable and versatile addition to your garments.

Pro-Snap is available in many colours and shapes to provide you with a versatile fastening solution for garments, hats and other apparel accessories.

Pro-Stretch continually strive to offer the latest innovative products. We search for cutting edge designs and solutions that can meet our customer’s requirements, while always striving to offer the best prices.

We also manufacture and supply a diverse range of trims, and tapes, including Elastics, Labels, Drawcords, Webbings, Knitted tapes and other garment solutions, for performance or design.

Our Mechanical Stretch tape enables rigid tapes and labels to be converted into mechanical stretch products WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS OR LYCRA.

This process also removes all shrinkage whilst giving 5%-12% stretch.

Pro-Stretch ground-breaking Super Stretch tape has approximately 20% stretch which is only slightly less than an elastic quality, but without the shrinkage associated with an elastic quality.

Mechanical Stretch tapes can be applied using exactly the same method, and using the same machinery setting as a traditional rigid tape. This process produces a permanent stretch and will retain the same appearance for the lifetime of the garment.

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