Pro-Stretch Sustainable Trims catalogue

Pro-Stretch are responsible, sustainable manufacturers, and we continually create innovative trims and garment accessories using new sustainable materials. We aim to create products that are functional and quality assured, whilst also reducing our carbon footprint, promoting safe working environments and fair wages for employees, while supporting the natural environment.

Pro-Stretch are passionate about working with brands dedicated to producing quality, sustainable garments. We take a planet-friendly approach to providing durable and functional trims. We care about our impact on the environment and in turn are taking action to reduce factory emissions. We strive to plant Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at the first stage of a garment’s life to reduce its impact throughout production!

Pro-Stretch can supply a wide range of Sustainable, Recycled and Bio-degradable garment trims and tapes, including mechanical stretch tapes, waistband elastics, sports bra elastics, knitted mesh and tapes, webbing’s, labels, drawcords and tippings and many more options.

Pro-Stretch source the most innovative plant based Bio-degradable materials, including NAIA ™ Renew Yarn, Sorona corn fibre, Bamboo, and Coconut. We can also supply Bio-degradable Linen, Organic Hemp, Tencel, TPU, Organic cotton, Wheat straw crumb, recycled silicone crumb and coffee grounds.

Download our Sustainable Trims catalogues  HERE & HERE

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