Here at Pro-Stretch we constantly update our online catalogue images, but this month we wanted to concentrate on our Mechanical Stretch trims.

Our Mechanical Stretch patented technology has been extensively developed, and enables rigid tapes or/and labels to be converted into Mechanical Stretch products WITHOUT USING ANY CHEMICALS OR LYCRA.

How do we do this? Well its a process that applies pressure and heat to the tape, trim or label, this can be adjusted to achieve the required level of stretch ability, varying from a stretch to our super stretch products.



Often used as an alternative to an elastic for back neck tapes in sportswear, our mechanical stretch tapes are versatile and very cost effective compared to an elastic.

Many different qualities can be used, ribbon, grosgrain, herringbone woven qualities, and we can also print on these qualities, using either sublimated print or screen print methods.

We can also produce various yarns, including cotton, Lurex, polyester, recycled polyester, monofilament, and iridescent.


Puckering is eliminated with our Mechanical Stretch technology



Our Mechanical Stretch is available for many qualities


Our Mechanical Stretch process removes all shrinkage whilst giving 5%-12% permanent stretch to the tape. This eliminates puckering and is applied to the garment using the same method as a traditional rigid tape.

We can provide a guide to your garment manufacturers on sewing application using our mechanical stretch products if needed.

We can also supply our ground-breaking Super Stretch tape which has approximately a 20-25% stretch, which is only slightly less than an elastic quality, but this does not have any shrinkage.

Our mechanical stretch qualities can be used for many applications within your garments, including bindings, pipings, trims and labels.

Some of the other benefits includes

  • Cost effective
  • Recycled materials available
  • Various quality options


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For lots of inspiration, check out our ‘Mechanical Stretch’ catalogue pages HERE




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