Pro-Stretch Trimmings and  Tapes

Pro-Stretch Trims International manufacture and supply a wide range of trimmings and tapes, including our patented technology Mechanical Stretch, elastics, knits and webbings for sportswear and leisurewear apparel. Our innovative trims can enhance a garment’s performance and design for the wearer.

All Pro-Stretch trims are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing in the market. Therefore, you have peace of mind that your garment will continue to look good whatever the requirements.

Elastic qualities can include jacquard woven, Y-shaped, chiffon and sublimated printed. Knitted options can include mesh, ribbed and width stretch. Webbings for garment accessories are available in rigid and elastic qualities and all our trims can be branded in a variety of ways. Branding can include woven, silicone print, embossed or debossed logo or wording.

Pro-Stretch are sustainable manufacturers and can provide a variety of garment trims for clothes that fit with the brands need to have a positive impact on the environment. Sustainable trims can include recycled polyester, recycled nylon, cotton, Tencel, bamboo, Sorona corn fibre, Linen, Hemp and NAIA™ yarns.

See more about our sustainable trim options HERE.

Our patented Mechanical Stretch tapes can be applied using exactly the same application method and using the same machinery setting as a traditional rigid tape. The Mechanical Stretch approach allows brands to use polyester/recycled polyester soft, non-puckering trims to transform clothing apparel.

The Mechanical Stretch process produces a permanent stretch using NO lycra, and will retain the same appearance for the lifetime of the garment, click HERE for more information on our Mechanical Stretch process.

See below for images showcasing some of our many mechanical stretch, elastic, and knitted qualities. Pro-Stretch are happy to discuss options for your brand’s needs and will provide FREE samples at your request.

For more inspiration check out our Mechanical Stretch, Elastic and Knitted trim product pages.

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