Pro-Stretch Drawcord & Tippings Catalogue

Pro-Stretch can supply many different drawcord qualities; round, flat, and square are some popular options to consider.

Tipping’s can vary depending on the garments use, we offer excellent quality silicone dipped, metal, plastic and shoelace tips, to name a few. Pro-Stretch can also offer recycled and biodegradable options to support your sustainable business model

Pro-Stretch can supply great looking and practical drawcords and tippings to finish your Garment. You can choose drawcords to complement the tone of the garment or opt to contrast with a pop of different colour! Drawcords & Tippings can be used in a variety of ways on apparel including hooded tops, waistband ties, integrated waistbands, bungee cuff ties and shoelaces.

Available in many different options, with a huge variety of cord qualities and tippings, we can create many different designs, colours, and widths. These can be used as functionable garment accessories, as well as for novelty/aesthetic purposes. Drawcord qualities include round or square, bungee elastic, flat knitted, braided, printed branding, woven branding, and reflective stitching.

Pro-Stretch are sustainable manufacturers and can provide a variety of drawcords to fit with the brands sustainable business model and the need to have a positive impact on the environment. Sustainable drawcords options include recycled polyester, recycled Cotton, Tencel, Corn fibre, Organic Hemp, Biodegradable TPU and Bamboo.

For tippings, Pro-Stretch can supply a wide range including silicone dipped drawcords, metal tipped drawcords, woven tipped drawcords, heat press tipped drawcords (both woven and heat press tips have no additional elements added, offering a sustainable drawcord if produced from a recycled polyester) fold-over stitched end drawcords and plastic-tipped drawcords.

Pro-Stretch are happy to discuss the many available options for your brand’s needs and will provide FREE samples (where applicable and within reason) at your request.

Download our Drawcord catalogues HERE, HERE & HERE or why not read our popular blog ‘7 of the best drawcord tips’ HERE

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