Embellishments are an interesting, transformative addition to any leisurewear or sportswear apparel. Pro-Stretch can supply many types of Embellishments and fastenings, including Heat transfers, Woven and TPU and sustainable alternatives. For branding, we have various print techniques including silicone or TPU print, eco-friendly print, and mixed-media options.

Pro-Stretch can supply many options of label, badge and patch garment accessories including recycled polyester, satin, chenille, silicone, TPU, sequinned, iridescent and lurex.

Brands may choose to include fastenings on their sportswear or leisurewear garments and at Pro-Stretch we can supply a variety including buttons (sustainable options of coconut or bio-corn are available), magnetic clasps, Velcro, and our specially designed Pro-Snap.

Pro-Snap is engineered to provide a strong and secure snap fastener alternative, to hook and loop type fastenings. Pro-Snap is a functional and comfortable choice for brands who want to improve the appearance of garments and create an innovative look for their clothing.

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Garment accessories are used to enhance apparel either decoratively or through branding and they can give the garment an easy update. Embellishments can be attached to clothing fabric through sewing, bonding or via heat transfer.

Pro-Stretch are sustainable manufacturers and can provide a variety of embellishments for clothes that fit with the brands need to have a positive impact on the environment. Sustainable embellishments can include recycled polyester, cotton, Linen, Hemp, wheat-straw crumb, recycled silicone crumb and coconut.

See more about our sustainable trim options HERE.

See below for images showcasing some of our many innovative Embellishments including woven labels, badges, patches, heat transfers and fastenings. Pro-Stretch are happy to discuss options for your brand’s needs and will provide FREE samples at your request.

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