Pro-Stretch Innovative Trims Catalogue

Pro-Stretch Trims International strive to offer the latest innovative products for leisurewear and sportswear apparel. We search for cutting edge yarn options, that can meet our brands standards, and that we can offer at the best rates.

Pro-Stretch manufacture many diverse Trims, Tapes, Labels, Heat Transfers, Drawcords and Tippings, Webbings and other garment solutions, for performance or design. Pro-Stretch’s patented technology Mechanical Stretch trims and Pro-Snap are two innovative qualities that can transform a brand’s apparel to another level.

The Mechanical Stretch process produces a permanent stretch for polyester and recycled polyester trims, using NO Lycra the trim will retain the same appearance for the lifetime of the garment.

Pro-Snap is engineered to provide a strong and secure snap fastener alternative, to hook and loop type fastenings.

Read more about Mechanical Stretch and Pro-Snap. or download our Innovative Trims catalogue HERE and HERE.

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