Reflective Dual Technology Innovation – Lighting the way for Sportswear!


Our reflective Dual Technology was originally developed as a safety aid to make workers more visible at night time and in low lit conditions, our Dual Technology innovation can also be used in a variety of new applications such as footwear, sportswear and accessories.

Dual Technology phosphorescence offers a third level of protection, when there is low light or no light, by giving off an intense glow for up to 8 hours, without the use of batteries -Dual Technology phosphorescence is charged in any artificial or natural light after five to ten minutes exposure.

In our latest development we have added reflective technology which means that now it not only ‘glows’ in the absence of light but also ‘reflects’ direct light (such as a torch or car headlights etc) hence making the wearer more visible in every condition.

The applications are endless with our Dual Technology products -they are suitable for producing reflective and phosphorescent garment branding, logos, badges and decals which are suitable for heat application on garments and accessories. Especially useful for application on garments that may not be suitable for a sew on tape, such as rain wear or sportswear.

Our Dual Technology innovation is a combination of phosphorescent and reflective technologies, and is a revolution for a wide range of sectors from Hi-Vis safety to sportswear application.

Currently Hi-Vis garments rely on fluorescent fabrics to enhance the wearers visibility in day light, and retro reflective materials to reflect back vehicle headlights in dark conditions.


See our Reflective Trims Online catalogue HERE for inspiration!