Good Friday  29th March – Easter Sunday 31st March  


History of Easter

Everybody loves Easter in the UK and around the world,  we focus a lot on the food that is eaten, and we celebrate Easter by the giving and receiving of ‘Eggs’, usually chocolate, but many different eggs can also be exchanged.

Across the globe Easter is one of the principal holidays, or feasts, of Christianity, marking the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion. The earliest recorded observance of Easter comes from the 2nd century, though it is likely that even the earliest Christians commemorated the Resurrection, which is an integral tenet of the faith.

Many children have Easter egg hunts, where the Easter bunny hides eggs for them to find. They can then hunt for the hidden eggs, which they then put in their basket -The symbol of Easter baskets originates from the catholic custom of bringing food to the mass for blessing. Traditionally, people bring basket of food, especially their Easter dinner to the church to be blessed.

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Other foods that are eaten in the UK at Easter are Hot Cross buns, in many different flavours, to symbolise the Cross of Jesus, also Simnel Cake, Roast Lamb, and Easter biscuits, plus the many other Easter cakes and Treats.


Easter Spring Colours at Pro-Stretch

At Easter the Spring colours of Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow are prominent, usually as a pastel hue, and this can be seen across the Fashion trends that many designers show at London and New York fashion week.

Many of our brands have seasonal colour palettes, that change from year to year to follow the fashion designers and current trends.

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Easter Trivia Facts

Did you know?

  • After Halloween, Easter is the top-selling sweet treat holiday.
  • Easter always occurs between March 22 and April 25.
  • Easter is a “movable feast” – one that is set according to the phases of the moon – so the dates are different each year.
  • It is believed by some that Easter was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Easter, whose symbols were the egg and the hare (rabbit).
  • More than 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are manufactured each year.
  • The most famous Easter parade is held in New York City
  • The first Easter eggs were coloured red, in memory of the blood Jesus shed during his crucifixion.
  • In the 13th century, the church prohibited the eating of eggs during Holy Week. Marking the eggs laid during the week began the custom of decorating eggs.
  • It is believed that an Italian baker made a pretzel to look like arms crossed in prayer during the Passover season sometime between the 300s and the 600s.
  • The USA consume over 16 million jellybeans on Easter, enough to circle the globe more than three times.
  • In some European countries, other animals—in Switzerland the cuckoo, in Westphalia the fox—brought the Easter eggs.


Easter Quiz 2024

Why not try our fun ‘Easter’ quiz below, how many will you get right? (Answers below)

1. How many Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year?

2. Which country started the tradition of the Easter bunny?

3. How many marzipan balls are traditionally on a simnel cake?

4. The first Easter Eggs were dyed in what colour?

5. What is the tradition behind the hot cross bun?

6. In Switzerland, what animal delivers Easter eggs to children?

7. What is the Sunday before Easter Sunday called?

8. What is the official flower of Easter?

9. Besides bunnies, what animal is considered an Easter symbol?

10. What popular game is traditionally played at Easter?

11. Where is Easter Island located?

12. When was the first recorded use of decorated Easter eggs?

13. What meat is traditionally consumed on Easter Sunday?

14. How much does the world’s largest Easter egg weigh?

15. In the Bible, who betrayed Jesus just before his crucifixion?

16.  When was the UK’s first Easter egg produced?

17. Why is it called Palm Sunday?

18. What is Easter named after?




1. 80 million

2. Germany

3. 11

4. Red

5. The bun represents the cross on which Jesus Christ died

6. The Easter Cuckoo (bird)

7. Palm Sunday

8. White Lilies

9. A lamb

10. An Easter egg hunt

11. The Southeast Pacific

12. In the 13th century

13. Lamb

14. The egg stands at 31ft tall and 18ft wide. It is found in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, and weighs a hefty 5000 lbs and took 12,000 hours to complete.

15. Judas

16. In Bristol in 1873

17. Palm Sunday was when Jesus entered Jerusalem greeted by the people waving palm branches

18. Easter is named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess called Eostre

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