Welcome to our ‘Spotlight on’ blog space, over the next few months we will be dedicating these posts to our UK team. You will be able to learn more about the people behind Pro-Stretch UK, and even learn some interesting facts about them too….all in their own words.

This week we meet Quinton Taylor, one of our Sales Account Managers here at Pro-Stretch UK,

Hey there! My name is Quinton (aka Quinnie 😊) and I have been working with Pro-Stretch for just over 10 years now, starting as a Sales Account Assistant and working up to a Sales Account Manager. I help our customers, developers and designers with their garment needs, using our unique fabric trim solutions.

Also within the last 12 months, I passed NVQ-level 3 for Social Media in business with Pro-Stretch. I now use these skills to help Joanne our Head of Marketing (see Joanne’s ‘Spotlight on’ post here), in the planning of our social media content, and contribute to the website content.

A little bit more about me…..I am 40 years old, originally from north Manchester, I have 4 brothers and 1 sister (this is why I am called Quinton – I am the fifth son). I moved to Staffordshire about 20 years ago with a couple of friends as I loved the nightlife, and I made some REALLY amazing friends down there too.

I own 2 lovely cats, a 19 year old female Tabby called Trotski who likes to rule the roost, and a 15 year male fluff ball called Kowalie (he looks like a Maine coon) 

My interests include socialising with friends, walking and swimming, but that is the only type of exercise I really like to do. I do like gardening – and when I buy my next house, it needs to have a large garden to keep me busy in 😊. I also like cooking (AND eating) and I love to travel – any excuse for a holiday with warm sun that I can bask in, and where I can sample the local cuisine!

Quirky interesting fact:

When I was 15, and living in Inverness, Scotland,  I woke early one morning (before it was light) and spotted a flashing bright light in the sky moving in a strange pattern. It was increasing, then decreasing in size, after each movement, as illustrated below:

I woke my mum (who witnessed this too) and she told me to phone up the local radio station to tell them about it.

Whilst I was on the phone to the station, they went outside and saw the exact same thing as I was seeing – The radio station was located high up on a hill so they had a good view point.

They contacted the local RAF base (RAF Lossiemouth) to confirm if there were any activities happening in the area, but they informed the station that there were NO activities planned that morning.

The radio station broadcast my phone conversation with them on the local news that morning, and when I went to school the pupils and teachers made fun of me for phoning in. I suppose they thought I was bonkers…..but I’m really not, and I  believe we are not alone :)


Looking back at Quinnie’s time here at Pro-Stretch UK..

So what does the future hold for Quinnie at Pro-Stretch?

Quinnie says “Pro-Stretch have some exciting plans ahead: Expanding into Vietnam, and working with more and more brands means we are busier than ever. The future looks bright and busy with Pro-Stretch!”

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