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Welcome to our ‘Spotlight On’ blog space. Here you will be able to learn more about the people behind Pro-Stretch International, and even learn some interesting facts about them too….all in their own words!

Here is our ‘Spotlight On’ Peter Lucier, our US Sales Account Manager, based at our US office.

Hello,  my name is Peter Lucier and I have been the Pro-Stretch US sales manager for about 12 years.

I was very fortunate to meet Christine, our founder and CEO (see HERE for more info on Christine) and Angie, Senior Sales Account Manager (see HERE for more info on Angie) while at a major brands vendor fair.  We met on the vendor bus, where they were quite sure I was the bus driver.

After a few laughs we became good friends and when there was an opportunity to work for them in the US, I quickly took it.

A decision I don’t regret at all, as I can honestly say this is the best team I have worked with. The attention to detail and the customer service is outstanding and makes my job very easy.

They work hard and are a great group of people, which is very important to me!


A little bit more about me…

I have worked in the textile industry for around 35 years now, and I have always been in sales, most work was with textile mills and also a short time with a chemical company supplying the industry.

I also ran an apparel fabrics division for a company which focused on footwear fabrics, I spent a lot of time in Asia developing the fabric line. I found working with customers and the different cultures a fascinating time.

On a personal note: My wife and I have two grown up sons and one grandson. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf and fly fishing.




So what does the future hold for Pro-Stretch?

Peter says “Pro-Stretch have exciting plans ahead: Expanding into Vietnam, and working with more brands means we are busier than ever. The future looks bright and busy with Pro-Stretch Trims International!”

Look out for more ‘Spotlight On’ posts from our overseas teams!

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