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As a trusted supplier to the top global sportswear brands, here at Pro-Stretch we produce many innovative trims, but some of our favourites are the many varieties of Elastics that we create.

With lots of options available for sportswear trims and leisurewear trims, we can create many different designs, colours, and widths. These can be created for functionable garments, as well as for novelty/aesthetic purposes. We can create designs using your own artwork, or we can provide a design service; we also offer FREE sample development.

We have put together a list of our favourite elastic qualities to help you decide which is the best option for you!

Elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch


1. Sublimated Print Elastics can be used for branding apparel, or for intricate designs, on waistband or sports bra elastic. We can provide any width and the sublimated print allows a more innovative approach to branding.


2. Silicone Gripper Elastics tend to be a wider elastic used on waistband/bra elastics and often include a silicone strip or pattern to act as a gripper to the skin. This is particularly beneficial for performance garments, and gymwear apparel.

…. PSC2757 Silicone gripper elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch…. PSC2842 Silicone gripper glitter elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch

3. Mesh Elastics provide brands with a great option for ventilation on a garment. Pro-stretch can supply a wide variety of mesh options including monofilament, ladder and power mesh that can be functional as well as breathable for clothing.

…. ….

4. Y-shaped Elastics, similarly used like binding or fold-over elastics, allow the elastic trim to be sewn onto cuffs and hems of leisurewear and sportswear. Y-shaped Elastics may contain mesh, silicone and branding options.

PSC2202 Silicone Mesh Elastic Drawcord Channel innovative garment trim by Pro-Stretch…. ….

5. Jacquard Woven Elastics use a weaving technology to create a pattern or branding using multiple colours. Jacquard elastics can be very soft and durable and used in leisurewear and sportswear, for instance.

Elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch…. ….

6. Embossed/Debossed Elastics allow brands to play with texture in their garments; this can be on waistband elastics, sports bras or even back neck tapes. The Embossed/Debossed look can be used for patterns or logo branding on an elastic trim.

PSC6527 Tropical Floral Debossed Elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch…. PSC6143 Tencel Elastic sustainable garment trim by Pro-Stretch…. PSC6690 Embossed Silicone Print Elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch

7. Ribbed Elastics are most commonly used on waistbands or sleeves in sportswear and leisurewear. Ribbed elastics prevent ‘rolling’ or twisting for the wearer and brands can opt for a logo or colour reveal.

…. …. PSC 7548 Ribbed Elastic garment trim by Pro-Stretch


In addition to the above list, Pro-Stretch can also supply chiffon, lace, brushed, lurex and velvet elastics as well as high modulus elastic webbing, bungee elastic cords and split strap bra elastic.

Pro-Stretch are sustainable manufacturers and we love to work with brands who are dedicated to producing quality planet-friendly apparel. We can supply sustainable trim elastics that contain recycled polyester, recycled nylon, cotton, NAIA yarns, Tencel and even fully recycled trims that also contain recycled spandex.

See below for some examples of our elastic sustainable options:

…. ….

..Glitter Lurex Recycled Nylon Elastic…...….NAIA yarns & Recycled Polyester Elastic………..Tencel & Recycled Polyester Elastic


For more inspiration, why not check out our Elastics product page HERE or browse our online Elastic catalogue HERE

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