Drawcords are a valuable addition to many sports and leisurewear garments, offering functionality and practicality.

They can give the garment an easy update, and by using various drawcord techniques and materials, this can elevate a product to another level.

Over the years technology has improved, and has enabled the manufacturing of drawcords to increase the capacity, and offer different materials.

Sustainable materials and processes are now required more than ever, and Pro-Stretch can help source and manufacture drawcords and tips to comply within your sustainable models.


How Pro-Stretch can help you?

Pro-Stretch can supply great looking and practical drawcords and tippings to finish your garment.

Over the last 12 months we have seen a big increase in the demand for drawcords with our customers. As a trusted supplier, we work with the worlds largest sports, gym and leisurewear brands to push the boundaries on quality and design.

Our drawcords are available in a vast array of colours (and we can match your brand colour standards), materials, shapes, sizes etc, and can be developed to accommodate your requirements.

We offer free sample development, and rigorous standard testing in our own Intertek accredited lab (soon to be SGS accredited too). We also work with external testing Bureaus Veritas, when extra testing outside our standard is required.


The choice is yours

Drawcords can offer a cost effective option to enhance your garments look and performance, and are a popular choice with many of our brands.

Utilised in many leisurewear pieces, including hoodies, jackets, joggers, and many other garment applications.

Pro-Stretch can offer many drawcord base tape quality options, please see below for a selection, of our bestsellers.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Flat
  • Tubular
  • Stuffed
  • Braided
  • Elastic
  • Rope
  • Webbing

Our tippings also come in a vast array of materials, sizes and options, offering a solution for all garments use.

  • Metal
  • Plastic – including TPU options (eco-friendly)
  • Silicone dipped
  • Self woven (tipless tips)
  • Heat press tip (this gives the effect similar to the woven tip)
  • Lockable
  • Shoelace type plastic sleeve – including TPU options (eco-friendly)

Check out our Drawcord and tips catalogue pages for more inspiration, please CLICK HERE

Drawcords can offer a cost effective option to enhance your garments look and performance.

Pro-Stretch bestsellers

Some of our bestsellers are silicone dipped drawcords, as the below images show, on a flat or round base tape. These offer longevity and a lightweight solution.

These can be a clear, or dyed to match silicone, and can even be applied to a knotted round drawcord.

Single, double or even triple dipped, the creative possibilities are endless.



Another popular option which produces a premium look is a metal tip, this can be applied using an adhesive, or a locking tip. This can also be with or without a silicone dip overlay, which can be dyed to match the base tape, or in a contrast colour.



We can also supply a cut and fold with stitched ends option, this is usually combined with a flat drawcord. This can also be supplied unstitched, on a roll to offer flexibility for your garment makers.


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