Max Lam -Sales Account Manager

‘Spotlight On’

Welcome to our ‘Spotlight On’ blog space, where over the next few months we will be dedicating these posts to our overseas teams. You will be able to learn more about the people behind Pro-Stretch International, and read some interesting facts about them too….all in their own words!

This week we ‘Spotlight On’ Max Lam, our Sales Account Manager, based at our Hong Kong office.

Hello! My name is Max, I started working with Pro-Stretch Trims International in December 2011 as a Sales Account Manager. I work as the middle man between the customer and the production, working closely with the factories to ensure our brands receive excellent account management, and that our products are delivered on time and to specification.

Prior to working for Pro-Stretch, I gained over 20 years experience and technical knowledge from working for a Hong Kong Label manufacturer and also a US packaging company. In 2005 I worked in San Francisco for 6 months, which has enabled me to learn the English language very well.

I also taught weaving in Shanghai and Indonesian factories from 1999 to 2000.

Of course, I also made lot of great friends along the way!

A little bit more about me…

I am currently living with my wife and parents in Hong Kong.

Hopefully when we have more time, my wife and I will go travelling for a holiday, as we especially would love to go to Japan and Taiwan.


Max and wife  Max and wife


I have a beautiful kitty, and a big white fish called  ‘Little White’ we brought him home from the ‘GoldFish street market’ when he was just 8cm, and 28+ years later (could be longer) he is now 67cm long….


And I also own two little birdies , their names are ‘Lok Lok’ and ‘Yin Yin’ both Chinese names! I love all my boys!


Max with ‘Lok Lok’, ‘Yin Yin’ and ‘Gou Gou’

Interesting fun facts:

I love food, especially dessert, some of my favourites below include Crab and Egg salad (Top left), Marinated pork – my mom taught me how to make this (Top right), Red bean sticky rice steam cupcake (Bottom left), and home made Chocolate lava cake with ice cream, my wife and I learned to make this together (Bottom right)


I’m also a vintage motorcycle freak! As you can see from the images below! I often go for a spin on a Saturday or Sunday morning and meet up with friends.

I love my 70’s Harley Davidson and BMW!


Max with motorcycle

Max with motorcycle

So what does the future hold for Pro-Stretch?

Max says “Pro-Stretch have exciting plans ahead: Expanding into Vietnam, and working with more brands means we are busier than ever. The future looks bright and busy with Pro-Stretch Trims International!”

Look out for more ‘Spotlight On’ posts from our overseas teams!

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